AirPortr + Bag Check-In – How it works

We’re bringing the airport bag drop to your doorstep exclusively with British Airways. What does that mean I hear you say?

Well, not only will we deliver your bags to the airport but we’ll also check them in for you. Sounds cool huh? Yes – but how would that even work? We’re here to tell you…

Step 1

Book online

Book at, let us know whether we’re picking up from your house, office or if you’re staying in a hotel. Choose a 1 hour slot (this needs to be a minimum of 7 hours before your flight leaves – we’ll tell you why later).

Book online
We’ll arrive to pick up your bags
Step 2

We’ll arrive to pick up your bags

One of our (security cleared) drivers will arrive within your booked pick up slot. Just like at the airport, they’ll need to confirm that everyone checking in bags is there.

Step 3

We’ll check your passport…

Your driver will check & scan your passport(s) to make sure it matches the details on your British Airways booking and it’s definitely you who is travelling.

We’ll check your passport…
…and then your boarding pass
Step 4

…and then your boarding pass

We’ll also scan your boarding pass and take a note of how much luggage you’ve booked with British Airways. Make sure you don’t exceed your weight or number allowance!

Step 5

We seal your bags

Your suitcases will be tamper aware sealed to make sure no one interferes with them. We’ll send you an email to confirm we’ve picked up your bags – you’ll also be able to track them throughout their journey to the airport.

We seal your bags
You enjoy your day
Step 6

You enjoy your day

You’re now free to make the most of your time before you fly, either head to work without the evil glares on the tube or enjoy the day sight seeing without dragging your bags around historic monuments. Or simply avoid the balancing act of managing multiple bags and small children en route.

Step 7

Security screening

We screen your suitcases at our warehouse to make sure you haven’t packed any prohibited items (that’s why we give ourselves plenty of time between collection and delivery). Your bags still go through all the same security processes once they get to the airport so AirPortr is an extra level of safety.

Security screening
We deliver your bags to British Airways
Step 8

We deliver your bags to British Airways

Once your bags have passed screening, we deliver them to the airport and hand them over to British Airways for your flight. You’ll then be sent your IATA bag tag receipt via email. (This is the number on the label the airline usually sticks to your passport).

Et voila...

Your bags are safely in the hands of British Airways. Collect your bags from the baggage reclaim when you land.

Frequently Asked Questions

chevron_small_down Is it safe/secure/approved?

AirPortr services are UK Aviation Security Regulation Compliant and we are an official partner of Heathrow, London City and Gatwick airports. All drivers are subject to strict interview processes and criminal background checks so you can be reassured your bags are in safe hands. Security is our priority, all bags are sealed in Tamper Aware Bags (TABs) or Tamper Aware Seals (TASs) upon collection and remain sealed until they are handed over to British Airways for your flight, at which point the TABs/TASs are removed. Vehicles also remain locked at all times when in service.

Your bags still go through the same security procedures when they arrive at the airport as if you were checking in your bags in person. However, AirPortr also provides an additional level of security as we security screen all bags before delivery to the airport.

To put your mind at rest you can also track your bags throughout delivery.

chevron_small_down Can I amend or cancel my booking if my plans change?

Absolutely - cancellations and amends are free up to 2 hours before your booked pick-up slot.

chevron_small_down What happens when I get asked “could anyone have tampered with my bags”?

This question is actually no longer asked at the airport as all bags are scanned when entering the baggage system. However, we are an official partner of Heathrow, London City and Gatwick airports and as we scan bags before they enter the airport, AirPortr bags are recognised as being even more secure.

chevron_small_down Can I use AirPortr + Bag Check-In on connecting flights?

You can use the service if you’re travelling with British Airways from London and catching another British Airways connecting flight later in your journey.

Whilst we can tag your bags to your final destination, you may be asked to repatriate / collect your bags at your connecting airport and pass through customs before resubmitting them for your next flight. This differs depending on location but you’ll be instructed to do so when you land if this is the case.

chevron_small_down Can I use the service for buggies and wheel chairs?

We can check in a buggies, car seats and wheelchairs for AirPortr + Bag Check-In bookings. You simply need to add this as a checked bag to your booking and add a note when prompted to let us know about the extra bag and its contents.

Please note that British Airways’ rules mean that this won't count towards your luggage allowance so if you have 1 bag and a buggy/carseat/wheelchair then you’ll need to book for 2 bags but the driver will know they’ll only see one bag on your boarding pass.

chevron_small_down Can I take oversized luggage?

If you’re using AirPortr + Bag Check-In your checked baggage must be within your booked allowance for your flight. You can find this information on your British Airways e-ticket or you can check Manage My Booking on The maximum weight limit for all bookings is 32kg. Any heavier items can’t be checked in and must be shipped separately as freight or cargo.

More questions? We’re here to help.