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Flying with skis and snowboards

Whether you’re jetting off to the alps for the weekend or going further afield to Canada’s slopes, chances are you’ll want to take your own ski or snowboarding equipment with you.

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Ski shipping

Ski shipping services

Luggage forwarding is the traditional way to transport ski and snowboarding equipment abroad. However, shipping services are often not very convenient. Many require you to send your equipment well in advance – as many as 9 business days. What’s more, you’ll need to be at the delivery address to receive the shipment. Most luggage forwarders only offer 12-hour collection slots Monday to Friday, that means a day off work before you fly and a day waiting around in your chalet when you arrive.

At AirPortr we know you’d rather maximize your time on the slopes. With our Bag Check-In service you can check in your ski and snowboarding equipment from your home. Enjoy simpler, stress-free travel to the airport and collect them from the baggage reclaim when you land. Or if you’re not flying with one of our Bag Check-In airlines, we can still collect your equipment from any London address and deliver them to airport departures for you to check in with your airline.

Flying with skis and snowboards

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British Airways ski and snowboard allowance

If you’re flying with skis and snowboards on British Airways, enjoy a stress-fee journey by using our Bag Check-In service and checking them in from home. You won’t need to worry about them again, until you reach your destination airport. BA will allow you to take your skis or snowboard as part of your checked baggage allowance – here’s a summary of British Airway’s ski and snowboard policy:

• Use a recognised ski or snowboard bag – this can be up to 190cm in length
• Make sure you pack your ski poles with your skis in the same bag so they only count as one item of luggage
• If you’re taking ski or snowboard boots you’ll need to pack them separately from your skis or snowboard – this will count as a separate item of baggage. For safety reasons you are not allowed to board the aircraft wearing your ski or snowboard boots

Travel luggage-free and stress-free

From £30 for first bag, £10 per additional bag. Free amendments up to 2 hours before collection.

Other airlines ski and snowboard allowance

Transporting your ski equipment on the tube would be anything but a green run. Avoid the hassle whichever airline you’re flying with. AirPortr can pick up your skis and snowboards from any London address and deliver them to airport departures for you to check in with your airline. Simply book Airport Delivery.

Make sure they are packed in line with your airline’s weight and packing restrictions. Different airlines have different policies for flying with skis and snowboards. Find your airline below for more details on what they will let you bring.


- American Airlines allow you to travel with 1 pair of skis or a snowboard and 1 bag containing a pair of ski or snowboard boots. You’ll be charged the checked bag fee of your destination and a pair of skis, a snowboard and a pair of boots will each be treated as a single item.

- Emirates will accept your ski equipment as checked baggage and as part of your standard baggage allowance. A set of snow ski equipment may consist of: one pair of skis, one pair of ski poles and one pair of ski boots, or one snow board and one pair of boots.

- KLM allow you to take ski or snowboard equipment with you instead of a suitcase. The equipment may consist of 1 board or 1 pair of skis, together with 2 ski poles and 1 pair of ski boots. Adding it as an extra bag? Check online to see how much the fee is for your destination.

- Virgin Atlantic will fly your ski equipment as part of your baggage allowance as long as it weighs in at 23kg or less. The ski gear can contain one pair of skis, one pair of ski boots, poles and a mask or helmet, and your snowboard gear can contain one snowboard, boots and bindings, and one helmet.

- Qantas will accept your ski and snowboarding equipment and carry them as checked baggage. All items must be protected in a ski bag. No more than one pair of skis, one pair of stocks/poles and one pair of ski boots is permitted per passenger.

- Air France consider ski equipment as a standard checked baggage item and it is included at no extra charge. All items must be packed in a travel case that does not exceed 300 cm in length. Ski equipment may include the following items: Alpine and cross-country skis: 1 pair of skis + 1 pair of poles + 1 pair of boots or Snowboard: 1 board + 1 pair of boots. Boots must be packed in a separate bag.

- easyJet charges £35 online and £45 at the airport for skis and boots or snowboards up to 20kg.

- Ryanair charges £30 online and £35 at the airport for ski equipment up to 20kg.

For other airlines’ policies, please check on their individual websites.

American Airlines

For more details about American Airlines’ ski and snowboard allowance, visit their website.