AirPortr | Flying with a baby - top tips for travelling with children


Flying with a baby

Nappies. Toiletries. Medicines. Milk. Toys. Pushchair. Taking a baby overseas can be a lot of fun, but it can also be daunting. You need to pack for every eventuality, and that means heavy bags plus lots of stress on the way to the airport.

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Your British Airways’ baggage allowance

Your luggage allowances

Most airlines will allow you to take pushchairs or car seats free of charge and in addition to any baggage allowance, but do check with your airline before booking.

British Airways are a good choice for family travel and allow you to bring the following:

- Checked baggage – your child will have the same free checked baggage allowance as you (which differs depending on class).

-Hand baggage 2-11 – children aged between 2-11 get the same hand baggage allowance as an adult.

-Hand baggage infant - if you’re travelling with an under 2, you'll be able to bring an extra bag for them, included in your allowance, with the items that they may need during the flight

- Pushchair and car seats are free.

British Airways

Visit for more information on your luggage allowance.


At the airport

Many airports have Family friendly facilities. At Gatwick, for example, there are Kids Zones in both the North and South terminals where the kids can play or watch TV. While Heathrow have children’s play areas with slides, soft play areas and specific baby zones.

If you’re flying with toddlers or babies, modern security measures can make getting through airport security quite stressful. However, as long as you follow the airport guidelines, things usually run smoothly.

For example, provided you’re travelling with an infant, most airports will allow you to take a reasonable amount of liquid or liquidised baby food through security for your journey. You’ll just need to store it in a transparent container or bag (rather than a flask). Breast milk can be carried in the cabin, although the volume of each container should not exceed 2 litres. If security have any concerns they may ask you to open and taste the food.

Powdered milk is a good solution to avoid any hold ups through security. Alternatively, Boots Chemists airside will let you call ahead and reserve what you need, which you may find makes flying with baby food much easier. You can check out Heathrow’s baggage security for families info here, and Gatwick’s here.

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Is there a minimum age to fly?

There’s no golden rule for what age you should start flying and there are no clear regulations. Most airlines are perfectly happy if you’re travelling with a new-born, as long as they’re healthy. Although some do insist that your baby is at least 2 weeks’ old, so it’s best to check with your individual airline before you fly.


Best in-flight entertainment

Keeping your children entertained during the flight is a top priority. Check out what British Airways has for you.

In-flight entertainment

An international flight can feel twice as long with a screaming infant to look after but there a few things you can try to make your life easier.

Check out our top tips for flying with a baby:

- Book an early or late flight to fit in with your baby’s schedule. For example, if they’re active in the morning and sleepy in the afternoon, a midday flight may give you respite. While night flights are a sure-fire way of getting some quiet, if your kids are relaxed enough to sleep during travel.

- Tablets are a great way for toddlers to while away the hours. However, small babies may demand your full attention, so bring lots of toys and books.

- Book direct flights rather than those with changeovers. Your overall journey time will be much shorter and you won’t have to worry about changes in environment.

- Bring snacks – many airlines charge for food on board these days, so bring your own and break up the journey with regular food distractions.