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How this service works

Our Doorstep check-in service is easy to book, affordable, and simplifies your journey to and through the airport.


Book your pick-up

Book anytime - it's simple and only takes a minute. Choose a collection slot at a time that works for you, anywhere within our service areas.



We arrive and pick up your bags

We come to your address at your chosen time, typically the day before you fly. Our friendly driver will check your ID, seal, secure and collect your bags.



We check them in for you

We'll let you know via email and SMS when this is done, and you'll receive digital airline baggage receipts. Pick-up your bags in the normal way after landing, or use our arrival service to have them delivered to your door! (available on selected routes)



You travel hands-free to the airport

Enjoy a hands-free journey to the airport, and skip the Bag Drop queues when you get there. See just how much easier it is to travel without baggage!


Where we operate

Our services are available in a growing list of airports around the world. Explore below to see where we operate.

London Heathrow (LHR)

Services available at this airport:

Available on all flights operated by:

Typical price:

£40-£50 for two bags to/from a central location

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Your postal code is within our coverage area

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Click on a city to find out more about where we operate

Once we collect the bags from your doorstep and check them in with your airline, you’ll receive an email and SMS. We’ll also send you a personalised tracking link which you can visit anytime to check on the latest status of your bags. We’ll keep you updated via email and SMS on the status of your bags both during departure and post-arrival, all the way up until we deliver your bags to you in destination.

Can I trust Airportr with my bags?

Everything we do is built around safety, security and reliability. We understand the trust that's placed in us by our customers, and take pride in the quality of our services.

Everything we do is built around safety, security and reliability.

01/04 Experienced drivers

Experienced drivers

Our driver partners are friendly, knowledgable, and trustworthy. They are vetted to the same standards as airport staff, and go through rigorous training before going on the road to ensure you get a great service. 96% of our customers rate their drivers 8/10 or higher.

02/04 Keeping you informed

Keeping you informed

We understand how important it is for you to stay up-to-date on your bags' progress, so we keep you fully informed at every step of the way. Driver tracking & ETA updates, digital airline baggage receipts, baggage status. It's all there, whenever you need it.

03/04 Bag safety

Bag safety

Our long-standing expertise and close relationships with partner airlines and airports ensures our processes are completely secure, reliable, and regulator-compliant. We work tirelessly to make sure our services live up to expectations.

04/04 Customer support

Customer support

We do our best to make sure you have all the information you need without you needing to contact us. But if you do need to speak to someone, we're here, 7 days a week. Our Customer Contact team is there to help if and when you need them and always puts themselves in your shoes.

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Take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions about our Departure service

The best way to check if we service your area and get the cost is to click “Get Price” at the top of the page. Once you’ve entered your departure/arrival airport and selected your flight, we’ll be able to tell you if we can service your address, the collection and or delivery slots available and the price. Alternatively, click on the map above (‘Where we operate’) to get a feel for typical prices and coverage area for each airport.

Everybody travelling with bags will need to be checked in, and have their boarding passes and passports ready for the driver to scan when we arrive. Boarding passes can be printed or digital, but we will need to see physical passports.

For most airlines, it’s just the lead passenger on the Airportr booking that needs to be present when we collect the bags. All of your party must be checked in and you must have everybody’s physical passports and electronic boarding passes. However some airlines will require everyone to be present. Please check your booking confirmation for more information.

We’ll accept anything that complies with your airline’s hold baggage policy. Whether it’s sports equipment, baby items or out of gauge items, as long as your airline accepts it, we can check it in for you. Just remember you need to make sure your luggage is under 32kg to be accepted and check with the individual airline to make sure items are not prohibited or restricted.

Depending on your flight and airline, we can collect baggage up to 36 hours before check in. Click “Get price” to find out what slots are available for your trip. Note: Is this not misleading: We can pick up your bags up to 36 hours before flight departure.....

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Change of plans?

We know that flexibility is important. That's why every Airportr booking offers: